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Our replacement electronic cigarette refill all-in-one atomized filters, better know as "cartomizers," include a built in atomizer within each cartridge, offering a fresher smoking experience each time you change your cartomizer. Engineered to be of the highest quality, these cartomizers are available in both Original Tobacco and Menthol Leaf flavors, in an array of nicotine strengths: 18MG, 16mg, 12mg, 8mg, 6mg, 4mg, and 0mg.

Each cartomizer lasts approximately 1 1/2 to 2 packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes 5 cartomizers (the equivalent of a full carton of tobacco cigarettes), you get the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Smoking e-cigarettes is not only a better alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes, but it also costs you less. Cartomizers are for use with the 510,V/9,KR808, Electronic Cigarette AND MANY MORE, Overall puff efficiency is estimated and can vary depending on size, duration, and strength of inhalations.

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