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   MES  electronic cigarette starter kits will either include a two piece or three piece electric cigarette model. All electronic cigarettes have three main components, which include the battery, atomizer and liquid or cartridge.

 E-Cigarette Starter Kit With a Three Piece E Cig

A three-piece electronic cigarette includes a battery which runs the LED light in the tip of the cigarette that warms the liquid nicotine found inside. The atomizer is responsible for turning the liquid nicotine into a type of water vapor that can be inhaled by the user. The last part of the e cig is the liquid that contains the nicotine as well as the flavoring. When a three-piece e cigarette runs out of liquid, you only need to purchase a refill to refill the liquid. A brand new atomizer is not essential. Replacing the liquid includes taking the filter apart, removing the old liquid container, and inserting the new liquid container.

 Starter Kit With a Two Piece E Cig

 A two-piece electronic cigarette includes a battery and the LED light in the cigarette part of the E-CIG The atomizer and liquid segment are typically found in the filter section of the cigarette. When a replacement is required, the filter is usually replaced. This includes a new atomizer and fresh liquid container as well.

What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the two types of e cigs that are typically included in a starter kit are the refills. Installing a new refill with a two-piece electronic cigarette is usually quicker and simple. The process includes unscrewing the old filter then simply screwing on a new one. Installing a refill with an electronic cigarette starter kit that includes a three-piece model consists of taking apart the filter, installing the liquid new container, reassembling the filter and reattaching it to the E-CIG While both processes can be simple and quick, refilling a filter on a three-piece electronic cigarette can be a bit time consuming when compared to two-piece models.

An e-cig starter kit with a two-piece e-cigarette typically also comes with a new atomizer when a refill is required. Three-piece e cigs contain the atomizer separately from the rest of the cigarette and will generally need to be replaced on its own. While the price for refills for two piece electronic cigarettes are a bit more due to the fact that you receive a new atomizer with each one, the liquid also lasts longer when compared to a three piece electronic cigarette.

The choice for most looking to purchase an electronic cigarette starter kit comes down to personal preference. Some individuals prefer two-piece e cigarettes, while others will always go with a three piece one.  No matter which type of e-cigarette you decide to purchase, they both offer health benefits for you and those surrounding you.


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